'Dancing With the Stars': 'Supernatural' Actor Jim Beaver Takes Jab at Show's Cast

Dancing With the Stars might be a steadfast hit for ABC, but it's fallen out of favor when it [...]

Dancing With the Stars might be a steadfast hit for ABC, but it's fallen out of favor when it comes to at least one actor. Jim Beaver, best known for playing Bobby Singer on Supernatural, recently hopped on Twitter to take a shot at the series' current cast. He dismissed the cast, which includes rapper Nelly and One Day at a Time's Justina Machado, as not actually "star" material, noting he had "only heard of one" celebrity.

"The same commercial for Dancing with the Stars runs between every inning here in Toronto. They list the same 15 stars every commercial. I've only heard of one of them and can't place even her," Beaver tweeted on Oct. 17. "Remember when you had to be famous to be a star?"

In the replies, his fans expressed a mixed opinion on his take. Some thought it was spot on, but others believed that Beaver should be familiar with several cast members. However, it should be worth noting that Beaver is not the only celebrity to scoff at the ABC competition show recently. Taryn Manning, who starred in Orange Is the New Black and 8 Mile, feared if she joined the cast, she'd be a "has-been."

"I've been asked to be on Dancing With the Stars many times," Manning claimed in a recent video, per Page Six. "I have this weird phobia that [competing on the show] means you're a has-been, and I never want to believe that's the case."

After Manning delivered this quote, a source near Dancing With the Stars spoke to the outlet and took issue. Producers never offered Manning a spot on the series. However, the actress's representation has reached out to secure a spot on the program, which has lasted 29 seasons.

"Taryn claims she's been asked to join the cast 'many times,' however, we have never asked Taryn to be part of the show," Page Six's source said. "Her representation attempted to pitch her to us a while back and we kindly passed. So her claim that she was asked to join DWTS once, never mind many times, is completely false."

To see the titular "stars" of Dancing With the Stars yourself, tune to ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Tyra Banks hosts, and other celebrities still competing are Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean, Cheer's Monica Aldama, The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe and Olympian Johnny Weir, among others.