'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Absolutely Furious Over Ray Lewis Casting Due to Past Murder Charge

Fans of Dancing with the Stars are growing tiresome at the decision to cast former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Their emotions aren't because of his sluggish dancing through two performances, but rather his history. Fans of the NFL are quite familiar with Lewis' run-in with the law stemming from a murder investigation when he was younger. For Dancing with the Stars fans, the past wasn't as understood as it was for sports fans. While Lewis never was in jail or convicted and his involvement in the actual altercation is not totally clear, fans of the show aren't too pleased to see him regardless.

In 2010 just after his team had won the Super Bowl, Lewis and his friends were involved in an altercation that left two people dead with stab wounds. Lewis, along with two others, were indicted on murder and aggravated assault charges shortly after. The murder charges eventually were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against the other two. He provided a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice as a result of a misinformed statement he provided early in the investigation.

The two companions of Lewis eventually were acquitted of their charges a few months later. To this day, no one has ever been convicted in this case.

Lewis went on to have a historical career playing solely for the Ravens over his 17-year career. A two-time Super Bowl champion, the Miami product was a 13-time Pro Bowl, seven-time first-team All-Pro and two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.


His transition to the dancefloor hasn't been as illustrious. His scores have kept him near the bottom of the group after the first two performances.