'Dancing With the Stars': Will Cheryl Burke Still Perform Following Ray Lewis Injury?

Cheryl Burke's time on this season's Dancing With The Stars appears to be over. After losing her celebrity partner, Ray Lewis, last week as a result of an injury that forced him to withdraw, Burke's fate in the competition wasn't exactly revealed.

It now appears, though, that she'll be sitting this one out with no partner to be had. In the last episode, Burke did hit the dance floor with former Mirror Ball champion, Rashad Jennings, but that was more of a swan song for her.

Burke told US Weekly she will be watching from the crowd. Previously, she shared with the outlet that she would love to continue on in another capacity: as a mentor.

After all, she has 22 seasons of experience to share with all of the dancers.

"I don’t think anything is planned yet. I’d actually love to be a mentor to these couples,” she suggested. “We all need guidance, we all need a third eye. What we did for Juniors in a way, I’d be there for anyone who wants help or anyone who wants someone to watch their dance and give an opinion. I’d [also] like to help out with the music department a little bit.”

Lewis had to drop out of the show after reaggravating an injury in his foot that he suffered during his football career. The longtime Baltimore Ravens linebacker was disappointed in how everything went down.

He shared on social media how he had to choose his health over continuing on the show and risking further damage.

Despite a short run together, Burke was emotional in losing her partner. The two had performed two dances in the opening week, tallying a 30 out of 60 possible points.

"Dancing with Ray has meant so much to me. His positivity and dedication are admirable, and his smile is contagious. The hard work he put into every practice and performance is something only a true athlete could do," Burke wrote on Twitter. "Being an athlete means pushing yourself past your limits, but also knowing when to take care of your body."


Lewis, whose inclusion on the show drew a little bit of a pushback from viewers, spent 17 years in Baltimore where he was a two-time Super Bowl champion and a 13-time Pro Bowl selection. Lewis was and remains the face of the organization, having been a member of the team in its inaugural season.

Dancing With The Stars airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.