'Counting On': Joseph and Kendra Duggar Announce Their Pregnancy

Monday night's episode of Counting On featured one of the Duggar family's most important moments from the past year: the beginning of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's first pregnancy.

The main plot line of the episode was all about how the newlyweds were putting the finishing touches on their new home. The take two of Joseph's sisters, Jessa and Jana, on a tour of the house, discussing various design ideas with them.

However, in the home's final bedroom, Duggar and Caldwell spilled the news that they were expecting a infant in June 2018.

"Joe and Kendra were giving us a tour of the house, and we entered the last bedroom, Jessa said in a testimonial. "They said 'oh by the way...."

Kendra is then shown breaking the news, saying, We have something we want to tell you. We are expecting."

The sisters are filled with joy as they react to the news, joking around a bit with the newlyweds.

"Wow, you don't waste any time," Jessa said. "So, you do need a nursery."

Jana adds, "That's so exciting! ... We were joking around the other day, when we were working on some furniture, that 'oh, we'll just find you baby stuff.' But now it's for real!"

Caldwell then updates the status of her pregnancy to the TLC cameras and revealed that the baby was a welcome surprise.

"This is definitely a honeymoon baby. We weren't expecting to be expecting," Caldwell said. "I'm feeling pretty sick still, but I think it's getting better. It's not all day. It's just in the mornings."

Caldwell then asks the duo if they can help them deck out the entire house, including a special nursery. After the nursery is done, the Duggar and Caldwell families will both get to know the news.

"Jana and jessa re really good at decorating, so I figured they'd have some good ideas for making a sweet little nursery," Caldwell said. "So once we get everything moved in and pretty much decorated, we're gonna invite everybody in my family and his family over to come tour the house. And then at the very end, we're going to show them the decorated baby room and announce to them that they're expecting."

After the crew gets all parts of the house together, the families come over. The couple's parents were absolutely beaming at the news, especially Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

"We are so happy for Joe and Kendra that God has blessed them with a precious little gift," Michelle says.


Jim Bob adds, "Seems like we're having grandbabies faster than we were having babies."

Counting On airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.