'Counting On' Fans Think Jana Duggar Moved out of Her Parents' Home, But Here's the Truth

Has Jana Duggar moved out of her parents' home? Fans believe that may be the case, but is it the truth? Distractify looked into the situation and set the record straight about Jana's alleged moving plans

As many who have watched Counting On know, Jim Bob, Michelle, and their many children adhere to fundamentalist Christian ideologies. As a part of this ideology, the Duggar daughters stay at home until they are married. There has been much conversation surrounding the fact that Jana is 32 and unmarried, unlike her other siblings around the same age. However, some believe that she has taken a step towards independence by moving out of her father and mother's house. 

In a video that was published by Tuff Topic on YouTube on Aug. 17, an individual claimed that Jana moved 30 minutes away from the family home. They alleged that Jana moved out of the house back in April, saying, "Jana was not, in fact, looking for love and waiting on Prince Charming; Jana was waiting until her house was done so she could move in ... Jana has been allegedly gone since April and is still getting settled in."

But, it seems as though this is simply a rumor and that Jana has not, in fact, left her parents' residence. The Without a Crystal Ball podcast debunked the rumors by saying that if Jana did move out, the news would more than likely not be kept under wraps. Without a Crystal Ball host Katie Joy obtained information from a source, and said, "The Duggars have kept some things hush-hush, but if Jana were to move out, it would be humongous news." She continued to relay the source's message, "In order for women [in Jana's religion] to leave their houses, they either have to get married or they have to leave the group. So women that do want to leave their fathers will leave the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles), and they leave fundamentalism ... Jana has not left her belief system. She is still very much in the world of the IBLP." Jana has not spoken out about these rumors, but she has also been largely absent from social media as of late. Her last Instagram post was made back in March.