'Counting On': Latest Wedding Special Delights and Confuses Viewers

Counting On aired its latest wedding episode on Monday night with the nuptials Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson taking center stage.

The ceremony, which occurred earlier in July, featured the Duggar family uniting for an elaborate ceremony led by Swanson's father.

Viewers at home were loving the ceremony, which was just as pleasant as the other recent Duggar family weddings shown on Counting On.

"So sweet seeing Josiah tear up seeing his 👰 walking down the aisle 💒 to him," one fan wrote.

Another user added, "Josiah and Lauren's wedding is very romantic."

Many pointed out specific details they loved, but the flowers seemed to draw the most attention from the Counting On faithful.

"Lauren's flowers are GORGEOUS," one fan wrote.

However, as cute as the wedding was, the TLC reality series switched things around just over 30 minutes into the episode.

Moments after Duggar and Swanson said their vows and shared their first kiss, producers shifted directly into the show's typical format. That meant that seconds after the couple's special moment, a montage of the other Duggar sibling began.

While a related momtage would only be slightly jarring, this montage was set well before the wedding. In fact, the Duggar sisters were discussing their brother's newfound fondness of Swanson. Duggar was then shown preparing to begin the Duggar family "courting" process, which leads to a proper engagement and wedding.

This strange editing choice left many fans confused due its odd timeline change.

"Wait. Why did they put the wedding on first and then how they met?" one viewer wrote.

Another fan added, "This show has more timelines to keep up with than Westworld."


From there, the show focused on Joe and Kendra Duggar's honeymoon, the couples trying to paint portraits of one another, and other various antics of the Duggar family.

Counting On airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.