'Counting On' Cousin Amy Duggar Unveils Details About 3am Fight With Husband Dillon King

Amy (Duggar) King and her husband Dillon King are ecstatic to soon be first-time parents, though their little one's antics have led to some tension in their marriage. In an Instagram post shared earlier this month, the soon-to-be mom of one opened up about how many sleepless nights led to a humorous bickering fit with her husband.

(Photo: Instagram / @amyrachelleking)

Sharing a photo of herself holding a sign that reads "3 am. Time to go all Kung Fu Panda on mom's bladder," King recounted "real life conversations at 3am" that she's had with her husband.

"Why can't you sleep?" she recalled her husband asking her.

"[Ummm] he's tap dancing on my rib cage..." she responded.

King claimed that her husband seemingly didn't understand her discomfort and suggested, "Babe, just go to sleep…"

When King told her husband "I CAN'T!!!" he simply asked "But whyyyy???," leading to an exasperated "ughhhh" from the expecting mom.

However, the sleepless night didn't lessen her love for her child, with King concluding the post with a sweet sentiment of "Love my little ninja kicking machine."

The story drew plenty of laughs from her more than 375,000 followers, who were quick to take to the comments section.

"This is hilarious… And so true!" Anna Duggar, who is currently expecting her sixth child with husband Josh Duggar, related.

"I was convinced my daughter was using her umbilical cord as a jump rope," one of King's followers wrote.

"Same! Except mine goes like this.." another recounted their own pregnancy ordeal. "Me: I'm so tired Him: Why. You went to bed early Me: I got up seven times to pee Him: I didn't even know you got up Me: (eye roll) I'll be sure to wake you next time lol gotta love them."

"No man can understand why pregnant women can't asleep," a fourth added. "lol it's too funny."

After tying the knot on the grounds of Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2015, King and her husband announced on April 21 that they were expecting their first child together.


"We are completely speechless, overly excited and ready for the next chapter as new parents!" King said at the time. "I'm over the moon about becoming a momma! I just can't hardly wait."

In the weeks that have followed, King, who is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has kept her fans updated by documenting her pregnancy on Instagram. Along with sharing plenty of photos of her growing baby bump, King also took fans along as she went shopping for her baby's nursery.