Colton Underwood Defends 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Keeping Jed Wyatt Around Amid Girlfriend Scandal

Colton Underwood is asking Bachelor Nation to put themselves in Hannah Brown's place before judging The Bachelorette lead on keeping Jed Wyatt around, despite his admission that he was using the show to further his music career and ongoing girlfriend scandal. The Bachelor alum, who followed his heart to Cassie Randolph despite criticism from viewers, told Us Weekly Tuesday that seeing red flags in relationships is almost impossible while in such an unusual dating scenario.

“It’s hard. When you’re in the moment and you’re in the position like Hannah and I were as the leads, you almost have blinders on to any external distractions in that relationship, because you just, you don’t really think about it,” the Season 23 star explained of the mindset. “You don’t think, ‘Oh, maybe Jed has a girlfriend back at home.’”

Wyatt, who has made it to Brown's final three alongside Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron, was a fan favorite contestant until fellow Nashville musician Haley Stevens came forward to accuse him of failing to break up with her before going on the show, allegedly even spending the night with her the day before leaving to film.

Underwood added of Brown's mindset towards her suitors during filming, “They got to that point in the show, so you assume, the vetting and everything, they’re an eligible, single person, so that doesn’t even really resonate.”

Since Wyatt's former girlfriend accused him of ghosting her, Weber has also been thrown into the spotlight by ex Calee Lutes, who accused the pilot of dumping her suddenly to go on the show. It's a tough position to be put in, Underwood explained to the outlet.

“You don’t see red flags when you’re dating 30 people. You’re focused on a lot of other things and you’re producing a show. You’re putting a show on. You already have enough things to worry about that that shouldn’t even be a thought in the back of your mind,” he continued. “But if it is the case, I have the confidence that Hannah is a strong enough person to know what’s best for her. I mean, she’s a grown woman. She’s proven that time and time again on the show, and I have all the faith in her for doing what she needs to do to make herself happy.”


The Bachelorette two-part finale airs Monday, July 29, and Tuesday, July 30, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Getty / Noel Vasquez