Christina El Moussa Soaks up the Sun During Hawaii Getaway

Christina El Moussa is making the most of her summer, spending time with boyfriend Ant Anstead and her two kids on an enviable Hawaii vacation.

The HGTV star posted a number of photos of the getaway on social media over the weekend, including those of her and daughter Taylor, 7, and son Braydon, 2, enjoying time on the crystal clear waters on a paddle board.

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(Photo: Instagram/Christina El Moussa)

"Livin' the dream," El Moussa captioned on family photo, tagging Anstead as the photographer.

In another, she and Taylor pose in their bathing suits for a sweet mother-daughter photo captioned "Aloha life."

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(Photo: Instagram/Christina El Moussa)

Anstead also shared moments from the Hawaiian vaca, posting a video of the paddleboard excursion on his own Instagram account with the caption, "Paddle boarding with the turtles in Maui!!! Special special times" with a number of heart-eyed and heart emojis.

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The Flip or Flop star has been dating the British television personality since late 2017 after first splitting with husband Tarek El Moussa in December 2016.

While the initial breakup made headlines due to its contentious nature, the two have worked through many of their issues and have been significantly co-parenting their two kids. Tarek has also been dating around, but has yet to find a longterm partner.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June, El Moussa said while she didn't envision double dating with her ex, "never say never!"

"I don't feel like I need Tarek's approval on my boyfriend, but that is wonderful that he likes him," she said. "Everybody likes Ant, Ant is amazing. He is such a great guy. He is so grounded and he is so sweet, he is humble. He's just amazing."

The divorce may have been difficult on the two kids at first, naturally, but the HGTV star said they are now happy with their routine splitting time with parents.

"For Brayden, this is his routine. Some half of the week he is at Daddy's and half the week he is at Mommy's," she shared. "And for Taylor, I think she has gotten used to it."

"For her at the beginning, it is a little bit hard, but we just do a really good job [letting her know] that she is so loved and that although we don't live together as a family, we'll always be a family," El Moussa continued. "And she is very happy and an amazing child."

She added that she's happy to see her ex move on in a similar way.


"To watch Tarek move on and be in the dating scene, I think is great. We've both moved on," she explained. "We've been separated for two years, and I'm happy that he's out there dating, and I hope he finds someone nice and that's great with my kids too. [It's] definitely a relief for me that he's dating as well."

Photo credit: Instagram/Christina El Moussa