Chip Gaines Just Shared the Cutest Photo of Son Crew

Chip and Joanna Gaines are extra busy at the moment with the impending launch of their Magnolia [...]

Chip and Joanna Gaines are extra busy at the moment with the impending launch of their Magnolia television network and the scramble to react to the coronavirus. The couple recently canceled their spring concert event, The Spring at the Silos, out of concern for the virus. This forced the couple to pivot while also guaranteeing vendors they'd be reimbursed for travel and lodging at the event.

It was a tough decision to make but Chip Gaines is doing his part to get back to good feelings and positivity in the face of the current pandemic and its effect on the country. The former HGTV star shared an image of son Crew doing his part in the face of the illness.

The photo shows Crew wearing a constellation sweater, some jeans, and a pair of white puffy ear muffs on his head. And while it might seem like the young boy is upset, fans of Gaines think the kid has a good idea.

"I think it's perfect. Drown out the noise and be at peace," one user wrote under the photo.

"He's so sweet. I love this age! So much fun," another added.

"Maybe hes like me, just tired of even hearing the phrase corona virus," a third noted, referencing the increase in attention the virus has received this week.

Others were just hopeful that Gaines was not showcasing a filthy mouth around his son, requiring the need for the earmuffs.

"Yes!! I hope you are not swearing this Sunday morning, which required the "muffs"! (Remember film Old School w/ Vince Vaughn)," one wrote.

"I hope he's not 'swearing' either, regardless of what day it is. (I just couldn't resist)," another followed with a reply.

Gaines recently came to terms with his new life as a supporting act to his wife, Joanna. While he's still a major part of Magnolia and a great father, he is aware of his role within the power couple dynamic.

"Any fantasy I'd concocted about my own future paled in comparison to the potential I was seeing in Jo," he said in an essay around Valentine's Day. "You see, something is built into the fabric of Joanna's being that is quietly compelling and meant to be shared with the world. She's a visionary. She's captivating. Even though it may not resemble what I thought those qualities were supposed to look like.

"The role I thought I was born to play ended up not being the one intended for me," Gaines continued. "Instead, I've accepted my supporting role, a role I'm actually honored to play. And I gotta tell you, it's been the absolute joy of my life!"