'Celebrity Big Brother' Winner Tamar Braxton Says Famous Sister Toni Would Be 'Horrible' on Show

Tamar Braxton may have won Celebrity Big Brother, but that doesn't mean she thinks her sister could.

When asked by PEOPLE Live how she thinks Toni Braxton, 51, would fare inside the Big Brother house, Tamar said, "Horrible."

"Here is the thing. You can't go nowhere," the youngest Braxton sister, 42, said. "They [producers] tell you when you can eat when you wake up when you go to bed. It's very structured, and Toni Braxton doesn't do that, honey."

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"And you have roommates! That was my first experience with roommates. I'd never had roommates ever in my life. And so for me it was a whole culture shock dot com," she said, adding that she "wasn't here" for sharing her bathroom.

As difficult an adjustment as it was, Tamar said she's "really, really glad" she was able to compete and take home the $250,000 grand prize.

"But it was really nice, and I'm really, really glad I got a chance to do it because I'm a hardcore Big Brother fan," she said.

As for which Braxton Family Values sister she thinks would be good on the CBS reality competition? Her sister Tawanda, 45.

"Tawanda's just as much of a fan as I am of the show, so I think she would know exactly what to do. Although once you get in the house ... all that goes out the window," Tamar said, noting how stressful the cameras, competitions and pressure can be.

Tamar confirmed that she'll be using the Big Brother prize money to help buy her and her 5-year-old son, Logan, a new home following her divorce from record executive Vince Herbert. She joked that her son is picky when it comes to his new living space, but that he'll deal with whatever she chooses because he's not cutting the check.

"Well, he wants a playroom but he's not getting it," she joked. "He has a bedroom, how 'bout that?"

Last week, Braxton got candid about life without Herbert, to whom she was married for nine years until their 2017 divorce.

“It’s not like I am starting my career all over again, but I am starting my career all over again,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s different because I had Vince who was always in my corner — literally in my corner — and always there to make sure everything goes right … and wrong. But now it’s just me and I have to deal with those things when they come."


She has since moved on with a mystery man, although she's been mum on his identity, saying he's not in show business.

"I was just really protective of who he was because he’s definitely not in the business, doesn’t want to be in the business and doesn’t care about the business,” she explained. “So I was just protecting who he was. I think I put so much on him, but it was really me who was protective of who he was because of his job and I know his clients mean everything to him. I just wanted to keep that to myself until I knew it was real.”