'Celebrity Big Brother' Sends Two Celebrities Home During Double Eviction Night

Celebrity Big Brother sent shockwaves through fans after the reality competition said goodbye to [...]

Celebrity Big Brother sent shockwaves through fans after the reality competition said goodbye to two power players during Friday's double eviction night.

Friday's two-hour episode brought twists after current Head of Household Tom Green set the stage for the first eviction of the night nominating athlete Ricky Williams and WWE star Natalie Eva Marie.

By the end of the night, both WWE star Natalie Eva Marie and Green were sent home.

After the nomination ceremony, Green and new ally and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss celebrated setting their plan in place. The other alliance — consisting of Eva Marie, Williams and Lolo Jones — focused their time on the veto competition, with their best case scenario being Jones winning the game and keeping all three of them safe.

Along with Green, Williams and Eva Marie, Tamar Braxton, Burruss and Dina Lohan were chosen to play, leaving Jones out competing and maybe saving her alliance.

"Don't spit fire Lolo," Braxton joked to the cameras.

The first veto competition of the night was a game of memory and, after the losing houseguest enjoyed a wild splatter of paint on their bodies, Green ended up getting the power of veto. Considering his option, the comedian considered putting up one of his allies on the block to ensure Williams' eviction and bringing drama to the houseguests.

Following an argument with Braxton, Green locked himself in the HoH room to keep his plan a secret and later shocked the other houseguests when he used the veto power to take Williams off the block and put Jones on the block in his place.

After an emotional first eviction, the show said goodbye to Eva Marie with a 4-0 vote. After the eviction, host Julie Chen announced one last Breaking Celebrity News twist for the season, revealing one remaining houseguest will have the chance to compete for their safety in the second eviction.

The tense safety competition ended with Braxton earning immunity from elimination Friday. The episode then kicked into high gear with the HoH competition, with Braxton and Green not competing. The quick competition resulted in Jones being crowned Head of Household.

After some hesitation, Jones decided to put Green and Burrus up for eviction. All of the remaining houseguests competed during the True or False veto competition, and Braxton ended up winning the power after a tie breaking question with Williams. Despite her new friendship with Burruss, Braxton chose not to use the power of veto and keep the nominations as they were.

Despite the twist, the houseguests voted to evict stronger competitor Green in a 3-0 vote.

Ahead of the last week of the season, Jones, Braxton, Lohan, Williams and Burruss are one step closer to winning the game.

Celebrity Big Brother will air its next episode Monday, ahead of the two-hour season finale Wednesday, Feb. 13.