'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 4 Not Coming in 2023

Unfortunately, there won't be another season of Celebrity Big Brother in 2023. According to Us Weekly's Sharon Tharp, CBS isn't planning to air a Season 4 of the reality series. Season 3 of the Big Brother spinoff aired in early 2022. 

On Twitter, Tharp shared the sad news with fans. She told her followers not to get their hopes up about a possible Season 4 of Celebrity Big Brother. As she noted, she heard that "it's not happening." While Tharp shared that she doesn't believe that the network will have another season of the reality show, it should be noted that this is not an official confirmation from CBS just yet. However, if they aren't moving forward with Celebrity Big Brother this winter season, it's not totally surprising. After all, the spinoff hasn't been an annual event like Big Brother itself. The first season of Celebrity Big Brother aired in 2018 and the second season followed in 2019. Then, there was a three-year break before fans got to see the celebrities back in action in the Big Brother house. 

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves previously opened up about the future of the spinoff. She even stated that she didn't believe that it would be back in 2023. When asked by Us Weekly if she would want the show to come back the following year, Moonves said that she wouldn't want it to "saturate the market" even though she's fond of it. 

"Every four years feels a little bit long to me because it was originally designed to only be counter-programming to the Winter Olympics on another network," she continued. "We figured, "Hey, for one month, what do we have to lose? It'll be better than running reruns, you know?" But I feel like four years is a little long to wait. I don't know if the opportunity will present itself again." Moonves added that she didn't forsee Celebrity Big Brother coming back in 2023, adding, "I don't think next year it'll happen, but you never know. Expect the unexpected. We'll see."

Judging by Tharp's recent tweet about the matter, it seems as though Celebrity Big Brother may have actually gotten evicted from CBS' schedule.