Brie Bella at Odds With Mom After Reconciling With Estranged Dad

Things are taking an intense turn in an upcoming episode of Total Bellas. According to PEOPLE, which published a sneak peek of the April 9 episode of the E! series, Brie Bella appears to be at odds with her mother, Kathy Laurinaitis, after she revealed that she's been back in contact with her estranged father, Jon Garcia. The conversation was sparked after Nikki Bella revealed that she has been reconnecting with her dad, as well, after not seeing him for "five years."

After Nikki explained to their mother that she was reconnecting with their dad, Brie added that she has actually seen him in person twice over the past year. The news came as a big shock to Laurinaitis, who did not try to hide her surprise. She told Brie, "Wow, you never even said anything." In a confessional, Brie explained why she did reach out to her father. According to the former WWE Diva, her husband, Daniel Bryan, encouraged her to reconcile with Garcia after he lost his own father.

"I've been in the process of rebuilding a relationship with my father. For a long time, we'd go on and off. And it really took my husband to be like, 'Brie, if my dad was still alive, I'd do anything in the world to text him. You're lucky you have that,'" she explained. "I don't want to hang onto anger. I don't want to keep thinking about the past. I just want to let go. But I didn't tell my mom because I knew it would hurt her."

Nikki, in her own confessional segment, said that she was indeed aware that her twin sister was in contact with their father. She even mentioned that she was supportive of Brie reaching out to Garcia. However, like their mother, she was surprised by Brie's admission as she didn't realize that she was going to share that information during that discussion.

"I knew the few times that Brie talked to my dad and I was always so supportive," Nikki said. "But I'm a little shocked because I did not think she was going to tell my mom." During the trio's conversation, Brie also told their mother that she told her grandmother about her reconnecting with her dad, a statement that only served to escalate the already tense situation.


"Wow, that's gonna be another conversation," Laurinaitis responded to that revelation. Based on the preview clip, it seems as though Brie and her mother have much more to chat about regarding this situation. To see how it all plays out, fans can tune into Total Bellas on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.