Bobby Bones Takes His Mirrorball Trophy out on the Town Following 'DWTS' Win

Bobby Bones is showing off his Mirrorball Trophy to all of Nashville after taking home the win in Season 27 of Dancing With the Stars Monday.

The country radio personality, who along with pro partner Sharna Burgess emerged victorious from an incredibly tough season of the ABC reality show despite his admittedly inferior dancing skills, returned to his Nashville home after his Good Morning America appearance Tuesday, joking on Instagram that he was watching TV and going to bed with his trophy.

Wednesday, he took his attachment to the Mirrorball out on the town, strapping the trophy into his car and driving it to the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville for a lunch date with friends and impromptu meet and greets with fans.

Bobby Bones Mirrorball nashville
(Photo: Instagram/Bobby Bones)

"First time no work today, just gonna go for a ride," he said in an Instagram story, addressing the Mirrorball with, "Alright, I know you haven’t been around the city much..."

Walking down the street, Bones narrated, "So this is Nashville, this area is called 12 South." He then held the Mirrorball out in front of him, saying, "Here, walk up ahead of me! There you go!"

Bobby Bones Mirrorball Nashville 2
(Photo: Instagram/Bobby Bones)

After sharing photos of himself at lunch with the Mirrorball taking a seat of honor at the table, Bones shared a video of a woman holding the trophy, telling her, "It's a lot heavier in person. It's made with all my heart and guts all in that ball."

His casual Nashville victory tour did not go unnoticed, with one fan sharing a candid photo of the host captioned, "Spotted: casually just Bobby Bones and his mirror ball (sic) trophy," on Instagram Stories that Bones then shared on his page, adding his own caption, "My life now," with a number of laughing emojis.

Bobby Bones Mirrorball Nashville 4
(Photo: Instagram/Bobby Bones)

Bones appears to be having a great time reveling in his DWTS win, calling himself the "people's champion" and sharing an inspirational message to his fans on GMA Tuesday.

"To everyone who's told 'No,' I just want to say that it doesn't matter where you're coming from, because we came from the lowest spot," the host said of himself and Burgess. "It's always where you're looking and where you're going."


"Every day for us, it wasn't we were looking to weeks or looking to even the finale, it was practice by practice," he continued. "And every single practice, when we finished practice we were like, 'Okay, today is done.' We did it one day at a time, one climb at a time."

Photo Credit: David Livingston / Contributor, Getty