Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess Promise to Get Matching Tattoos If They Win 'DWTS'

Bobby Bones is definitely the dark horse contestant on Dancing With the Stars Season 27, but the country radio host promises that if he and pro partner Sharna Burgess do walk away with the Mirrorball Trophy at the end of Monday's finale, the two will commemorate the victory with a permanent mark of their success—matching tattoos!

Bones told Good Housekeeping prior to Monday's finale that he and Burgess are embracing their underdog reputation, promising, "She hasn't won, and no one expected me to win ... if we win, we're getting little Mirrorball tattoos."

He added, jokingly, "This Mirrorball is going to basically be my kid. I'm never going to let it get out of my sight. I'm going to love it, I'm going to cherish it, I'm going to let other people hold it but only if they look safe."

Bones and Burgess might not have taken home the highest scores this season, he knows, but the couple made it to the finale with the help of their dedicated fans and the pure joy in the country personality's performances that have made him a favorite of the judges at least personally, if not on the dance floor.

"I think they [the judges' marks and critiques] are fair. I don't think they want me to win, frankly," he admitted to the magazine. "I think the judges want somebody who came in with more dance experience to win. But that's why the show isn't just about the judges — it's also about the people."

He clarified that he doesn't hold ill will against the judges, adding, "You know, I think to them I'm bit wild. I think the show hasn't had a winner like me ever, and I don't know what that means to them. So, I don't think they want me to win, but that's okay. I do respect all of their scores ... I do get mad at them during the show though, I do."

As for Bones and Burgess, the two have definitely had ups and downs in their relationship, from the highs of earning their recent best score of 24/30 to the lows of his initial off-the-cuff dance moves that the pro dancer admitted were driving her nuts!

"We've been through all the emotions together, everything," Bones said of his relationship with the pro. "We have hugged, and we've fought, and we flew on an airplane for three hours and didn't say a single word to each other, and then we had six meals in a row together."

Bones knows he isn't the best dancer on the show, but with a little luck, a lot of passion and some dedicated voters out there, the reality personality figures he might have a shot at this!

"Listen, I'm not supposed to win this show, but I don't believe people are supposed to do anything in life," he said. "Like, we have to go and create our own path. So I'm just going to go out, and kick as hard as I can, and hopefully the door swings open."


Dancing With the Stars Season 27 concludes with a two-hour finale Monday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/FilmMagic