'Big Brother' Reveals First Evicted Houseguest With Unexpected Twist

Big Brother Season 21 revealed its first evicted houseguest, but a twist kept the player from saying goodbye. Wednesday's game-changing episode saw the first live eviction of the summer on the CBS reality competition series, resulting in Ovi Kabir being removed from the game.

The episode began with the aftermath of the veto meeting which took Cliff Hogg III off of the block and landed Kabir as a backdoor. Head of Household Christie Murphy intended for Kabir to be a pawn and get Dunn eliminated from the game, but with many twists and turns, it was anybody's guess what would happen before the live evictions.

At the start of the episode, host Julie Chen also teased the introduction of a new twist to the game, related to vanished player David Alexander, who has been out of the Big Brother house since the camp director competition in the second episode.

Chen announced to viewers at the start of the episode that the evicted houseguest would be eliminated from the game, but would continue to live inside the Big Brother house.

Flashing back to the aftermath of the veto, the Gr8ful alliance seemingly decided to not make a big deal if Murphy ignoring their desire to evict Kemi Faknule and go for Kabir instead.

Despite Murphy and Jack Matthews assuring Ovi he would be safe, the former student body president worked hard to campaign with his fellow houseguests. Meanwhile Dunn's paranoia annoyed many of the other players, with many of them debating who would be the best choice for eviction.

Later, Kabir realized the vote might be going his way, so he decided to reveal his secret Nightmare Power — in which he has the ability to drastically change a nominations for eviction — to Jackson Michie and Matthews.

During the live eviction, the group unanimously voted to evict Kabir. After announcing Kabir's elimination, Chen surprised the players and revealed Camp Comeback. While the houseguests in the second camp are not allowed to compete or vote, they get to stay in the house and play a social game. The first four evicted houseguests to go to Camp Comeback will get a chance to return to the game later in the summer.

The final surprise before the Head of Household competition saw Chen bring back Kabir and Alexander, joining Kabir at Camp Comeback.

The eventful episode ended with the second Head of Household comp, in which the houseguests played a 4th of July-themed memory game. The tense game resulted in Mathews being named the new HoH.


What did you think of the Camp Comeback twist? Big Brother will next air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.