'Big Brother': Returning Houseguest Back on Eviction Block Thanks to New HoH

After being unanimously evicted then making his triumphant return during last week on Big Brother, Scottie Salton was put back on the eviction block thanks to the new Head of Household, Tyler Crispen.

Even though Tyler previously helped Scottie to stay in the house earlier in the season, Tyler nominated Scottie for eviction because Scottie is no longer in his alliance. Tyler also nominated Haleigh Broucher for eviction.

Throughout Sunday's episode, J.C. Mounduix made it clear he was targeting Scottie. He was the one houseguest who was really angry about Scottie getting another shot.

This tension set up the HoH competition "Pie In The Sky," which was themed to a circus. The houseguests had to hold on to a swinging rope, with at least one foot on a disc. There was also a giant cherry pie in the way to knock them off.

Outgoing HoH Angela Rummans believed Scottie and Haleigh could not possibly win the competition. Scottie wanted to win so he could get the ultimate revenge on everyone voting him out before.

Unfortunately, J.C. was the first person to fall off his rope. Sam Bledsoe fell next, after chicken feathers and condiments started being poured on the houseguests.

Scottie started spinning uncontrollably, and tried his hardest to stay on. But he hit the pie and fell off! Heleigh knew she had to win now.

Kaycee Clark looked like she would be the next one, as she could not stop vomiting as the spinning continued. However, Brett Robinson's muscles gave away and he fell.

Suddenly, the game changed: the cherry pie started hitting the remaining three before they hit it. Kaycee was the first to go after that stage started. This lead to a dramatically-scored battle between Tyler and Haleigh. Everyone was rooting for Tyler, which gave Haleigh more "fuel and fire" to win the competition. Unfortunately, it was not enough, as Haleigh fell off and Tyler won it "fair and square."

"I physically and mentally can't do this anymore," an emotionally distraught Haleigh told the camera after the competition.

During the rest of the episode, Scottie hoped to rekindle his friendship with Tyler. He was more concerned about scheming with Angela, who might be taking advantage of Tyler's interest in her. He realized that putting Scottie and Haleigh on the eviction block was the "safest" thing to do.

J.C. also spent a big chunk of the episode pitting everyone against each other in his pursuit to win without becoming HoH. While his moves seemed to work on everyone, Tyler was not letting J.C. sway his nominating decisions.

After the nomination ceremony, Haleigh called it a "lame" move. She is now desperate to win the Power of Veto competition, but Scottie is too. We have to wait until Wednesday to see who will win.

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Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS