'Big Brother 21': Jackson and Tommy Fight Divides House as New Head of Household Crowned

Big Brother fans were left on the edge of their seats as the show left on a cliffhanger after a fight took place between Jackson Michie and evicted houseguest, Tommy Bracco. The confrontation occurred hours before the live show so there was not enough time to get the scene into Thursday's show.

Bracco went home in the previous episode, leaving Jackson, Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony as the only people remaining.

The show kicked off right where host Julie Chen teased during Thursday's outro.

Jackson used a conversation he eavesdropped on between Tommy, Cliff and Nicole to twist Tommy's words and fabricate a lie that would get Cliff and Nicole to turn on Tommy.

"It ended up with Holly almost sent home and I had to do things I didn't want to do and say things I didn't want to say," Jackson said. "I'm just hoping my mom's not disappointed in me."

After hearing Tommy's plea that he did not say any of those things, Nicole opted to call a house meeting.

"What is true, what is fiction, who is blowing smoke, begin," Nicole said at the table.

Jackson quickly went on the attack at Tommy, who was stunned at the allegations. Jackson said in the diary room, "I just want to pile as much evidence, true or not, on top of each other."

"I never said any of the things you are saying," Tommy voiced as Jackson continued to pile on him.

The confrontation went on with Jackson continuing to berate Tommy. The others watched as Tommy helplessly defended himself. Tommy pleaded it was all a lie to no avail.

After the fight aired, the show went back in time again to show how the house reacted to the confrontation. Nicole told Cliff six hours before the vote that she believes Tommy and "sees through" his lies.

Cliff, though, wouldn't budge on his deal with Jackson. The deal was once again a lie as Jackson informed Cliff before the live eviction that he would take him and Nicole to final three and not his showmance. Cliff believed the offer to an extent.

Later, Cliff informed Jackson and Holly that they were leaning towards voting her out. Jackson quickly thought of a way to regain their trust. This led another fight between Jackson and Tommy, arguably a bigger confrontation than the one previously.


The show eventually put the drama behind and showed the conclusion of the second-to-last Head of Household competition with Jackson sitting out as the reigning winner. Nicole won the competition after quick falls by Holly and Cliff.