'Big Brother' Fans Outraged After Outcome of Jack Matthews, Isabella Wang Eviction Revealed

Big Brother's latest eviction felt like vindication, but not all fans of the reality competition [...]

Big Brother's latest eviction felt like vindication, but not all fans of the reality competition series were happy with the outcome. Thursday's episode of the CBS competition series saw the houseguests vote to evict between Jack Matthews and Isabella Wang. Despite some last-minute alliance changes, the show said goodbye to Bella.

Thursday's episode followed the aftermath of the veto meeting, as current Head of Household Cliff Hogg III hoped to get Jack evicted by securing a new alliance, while the Six Shooters alliance felt sure Bella would be the one to go home.

Fans of the series were vocal on social media about their desires for the eviction. Some hoped it was Bella for her devious game play in the first weeks of the competition, while Jack caught the wrath of social media for racist comments caught in the live feeds.

Early on in the episode, Bella and her showmance partner Nick Macarrone seemed resigned about her going home against Jack. The pair shared a tearful moment as she told the cameras she was going to do whatever it took to stay in the house.

Jack also seemed confident about his safety, as Hogg revealed he had chosen to stick to his agreement with Christie Murphy to target Bella in order to keep himself safe next week.

Later in the episode, Cliff and Bella ad a side conversation hoping to get the votes for a tie, which would give Cliff the power to decide who goes home with Jack possibly being his ultimate target.

Before the live eviction, Bella appealed to the minority alliance in the group and revealed the Six Shooters alliance to her fellow houseguests. In turn, Jack called himself a team player who "holds myself with integrity" before saying he hopes his competitors make the right choice.

With a 8 to 2 vote, Bella was evicted from the house, sending shockwaves through social media. Fans were not surprised by the outcome but hoped houseguests would make a different choice based on Jack's behavior and him being the bigger threat.

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