'Big Brother': Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf Pay Surprise Visit to the House

Big Brother showmance experts Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf paid a visit to the house, surprising both houseguests and fans of the series.

As the houseguests lounged throughout the house during Wednesday's all new episode, the door opened and revealed the two contestants from from reality competition series' 19th cycle, who met and began a showmance on the series last year, and later went on to compete, and win, on Amazing Race.

"We are back," Graf told the camera as footage showed the houseguests hugging the alums.

"Oh My God it's Jessica and Cody from season 19," JC Mondiux told the cameras. "Cody is hot but honestly he looked way taller on TV... that's O.K. I guess, closer to my height."

Mondiux was not the only one making eyes at the Big Brother couple, as Brett Robinson couldn't help to gush about Graf's beauty to the camera.

"[Jessica] is so fine, I might even leave my bromance with Winston (Hines) for her," Robinson said.

Graf then opened up to the contestants about being back in the Big Brother house.

"It is so weird being back in here," she said, before turning to Nickson i the confessional saying it's kind of their one-year anniversary. The houseguests then showed the fan-favorite couple around.

"Coming into the Big Brother house is very different now, it's under a lot better circumstances... and I got the guy," Graf added before flashing her engagement ring to the camera. "We're getting married."

The two also introduced a challenge for the houseguests in the form of a "dating app" called HouseguestsOnly.com. The "app" was involved in Wednesday's veto competition.

Fans of the competition series were happy to see the couple, many happy to find out they were still going strong and on the road to marriage.

Not all fans were impressed with their return, however, many wondering why the couple gets screentime on so many reality series.

Graf and Nickson got engaged on Feb. 13 on a mountaintop, and are reportedly planning for a fall wedding.


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