'Big Brother 21': Tommy Stops Big Move in the Game After Veto Competition

Fans of Big Brother love the game for all of its reoccurring themes and events. Perhaps none -- well, maybe Zing-Bot -- draws as much excitement as the announcement of the OTEV challenge. On Wednesday’s episode, the fan-favorite competition made its appearance and held up to its standard as one of the most entertaining events on the show.

Spoilers ahead of Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother.

Before the competition, the six contestants were picked. Bracco along with Christie Murphy, Katherine Dunn, Cliff Hogg III, Nick Maccarone and Jackson Michie were lucky enough to play in the always-popular OTEV event, which features houseguests gathering objects for a idol-like character.

Jackson was in a room with Analyse Talavera before the competition going over his plan to win the challenge and keep the nominations the same solely so they can get Christie out with no blood on their hands.

“This is a golden opportunity,” said Jackson, who also added that there’s no way he will ever work with Christie again.

“Honestly, right now I have an opportunity to get Christie out of the game and I’d be stupid not to take it,” Michie said in the diary room.

His plan fell through pretty quickly, though. Jackson was the first one to get eliminated in the competition after he failed to find the correct answer before the other five competitors.

“I blew it,” Jackson said to the camera.

The next round saw a heated finish as Kat and Cliff battled for the final rope with Kat swiping him off and then eventually cutting in front of him to advance over the eliminated Cliff. The scene drew a few tears from Kat who felt “like a monster” for knocking off Cliff.

Christie was the next to exit, leaving Kat, Tommy and Nick in the final three where Kat fell short.

“Now that Kat is eliminated, I’m feeling relieved,” said Tommy, who believed that Nick would also use the veto on Christie if he were to lose.

In the finale, Tommy continued his winning ways in the OTEV challenge. After winning the Head of Household on Sunday’s episode, Tommy picked up his second win of the season at the perfect time.

“I won the veto. I can’t believe it. I love you, veto,” Tommy said while kissing his prize. “With this, I can take my HoH back on track and have all the control this week.”

To no surprise, Tommy opted to pull Christie off as the third nominee. Due to her being on the block as a surprise America’s Field Trip challenge earlier in the week and not as a typical nomination from the HoH, Tommy did not have to name a replacement.

Kat and Cliff remain as the two on the chopping block heading into Thursday’s live eviction.


“This is the absolute worst case scenario,” Kat said. “I don’t want to be the person who had a role in [Cliff] leaving.”

Big Brother will air on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET for the live show.