Beth Chapman: WGN America Reveals Heartbreaking Video Tribute to 'Dog's Most Wanted' Star

WGN America released a touching tribute to Beth Chapman on Wednesday. Following her passing, the [...]

WGN America released a touching tribute to Beth Chapman on Wednesday. Following her passing, the network uploaded a video showing some of her best moments on reality TV, including scenes from the upcoming series Dog's Most Wanted.

Chapman passed away on Wednesday at the age of 51, following a prolonged battle with cancer. The reality star left behind a love family and years of heartfelt moments on reality TV, as seen in WGN's emotional highlight reel. The network memorialized Chapman in her own words, as fans knew her best.

Chapman was with her husband, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman for decades, even before they became reality TV stars. The couple's relationship and family dynamic were central to their various shows, making it that much more heartbreaking for fans when she got sick.

However, she even shared her cancer battle with fans, broadcasting it in an A&E TV documentary titled Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. After being declared cancer-free, she then signed on with WGN for a new series called Dog's Most Wanted. Unfortunately, she passed away before the show could air. On Wednesday, WGN released a statement about her passing, but did not mention the future of the series.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic news that [Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer today," it read. "She was an exceptional woman, all of us at #WGNAmerica will miss her tremendously. Our thoughts and prayers are with [Dog the Bounty Hunter], her family, loved ones and millions of fans."

Right now, there is nothing to indicate that Dog's Most Wanted will be canceled. The show is slated for release in early 2020, and it is unclear how much filming has been done already, so Chapman may feature in the show less than fans had hoped.

Either way, following her death the series will likely take on a more sombre tone as the Chapman family works through their grief. Chapman leaves behind her loving husband, her children and her step-children, as well as grandkids, in-laws and other family members that fans know well.

Chapman was reportedly surrounded by that family when she passed away. She was put into a medically-induced coma over the weekend when she began to have trouble breathing. When doctors saw how critical her condition was becoming, they flew her to the U.S. mainland where she was joined by her daughter Bonnie. Ultimately, there was nothing more that could be done.

Dog's Most Wanted is due to premiere some time in early 2020.