Beth Chapman Shares Photo in Honor of Daughter Cecily's Birthday and Social Media Pours In

Dog's Most Wanted star Beth Chapman shared a photo of her daughter Cecily Tuesday to mark her 26th birthday. The beautiful photo earned plenty of praise from Chapman's fans on Instagram.

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"My sunshine ! Turns 26 today," Chapman wrote in the caption. She went on to describe Cecily as a "true beauty with street smarts" who is "reliable dependable trustworthy and true."

Cecily is "a bit devious but that comes from her up bringing she's clever and sassy... but you'll find no one more loyal to family then she [is]! Through thick and through thin all out or all in we have muddled through this together," Chapman wrote.

In the end, Chapman wrote, "Celebrating Her Birthday today I'm reminded what great sacrifices she makes for family every day . Your are loved beyond words Cecily savannah you stay sweet. {or you'll answer to yo mama}."

"Awww love you mom," Cecily wrote in response.

Chapman's fans also filled the comments section with compliments for Cecily and birthday wishes. Some shared fond memories of watching Cecily grow up on Dog The Bounty Hunter.

"She is a natural beauty I can see why you're proud and she does look like her mama happy 26th to her," one fan wrote.

"This made me cry. Happy Birthday Cecily," another wrote. "Thankful we've been allowed to watch you grow up. You're such a wonderful daughter."

"Wow!!! She's so beautiful seems like she was just 16!!! Yes I've been watching y'all's show since the beginning," another added.

"Happy birthday Cecily!!! I always related to you when I watched dog because you are my age. I would sit and watch it with my dad. It's my favorite memory," another longtime fan wrote.

"WOW time flies too quick. I remember watching her as a little girl on the show. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Happy Birthday Cecily," another wrote.

Cecily's appearance on Chapman's Instagram page came a day after she shared a photo of Duane "Dog" Chapman with his grandsons Cobie and Dakota Chapman celebrating Father's Day. In the photo, Dog is seen cradling Dakota's newborn son Asher.

The Chapmans are returning to television soon with WGN's new reality series Dog's Most Wanted. The series will follow Dog, Beth and their team as they track down criminals on federal and state most wanted lists. According to Cecily's Instagram page, she will also make an appearance on the series, which debuts next year.

In the meantime, Chapman is inspiring fans on social media with her positive attitude in the face of her cancer battle. When one fan asked how she can stay so positive, Chapman tweeted, "It [tries] but I rebuke that. I ask God to bind that spirit and keep those thoughts from my head I'm no different I have good days and bad."


Chapman's tweet on Saturday was less serious though.

"And that's the fourth time this week he's mowed the lawn," she wrote. "What do you think? Does the man have something on his mind or he just forgot how many times he's mowed the lawn. #AskingForAFriend."