Beth Chapman's Final 'Dog's Most Wanted' Hunt Aired Tonight, and Fans Are Weeping

Beth Chapman's final hunt came to an end on this week's episode of Dog's Most Wanted, and fans were heartbroken. The penultimate episode of the hit WGN America reality series followed as Dog and the team continued to chase down a fugitive who had led them on a chase for more than 100 hours, as Beth's health continued to take a turn for the worst.

The emotional hour, titled "Beth's Final Hunt," began with Duane "Dog" Chapman helping to administer Beth some CBD oil, which she famously used in her final months, and Dog telling the cameras he could see it helping her get better.

The show then caught viewers up on the difficult chase regarding the Colorado fugitive, Leo Trujillo. He has already gotten away from the team several times in the previous episode, but Dog says he is determined to not rest until the man is behind bar.

Fans of the series and the famous Chapman family were tweeting nonstop during the episode, wishing the family well as the episode aired.

Beth rocked a purple wig during the complicated hunt, which saw the crew even pretend they were arresting one of their informants. The case took them to different parts of Colorado, as they helped nail down the dangerous criminal with contacts all over the state.

Tensions rise during the hunt when the fugitive's father approaches Dog and tells him he has to apologize to his wife after a previous visit to their home landed her in the hospital. Beth does not take his comments well and talks him down.

"I have lung cancer and I am here. Your son stole $75,000 from Bobby. That's what this is about. You're just ready to let your son die. Good job with all the drug addicts you raised," she said. She then proceeded to chant "Father of the Year" as them and drove away.

The man and his grandson later come to Beth and Dog to apologize for their behavior and ask them to send Leo to jail before he gets himself killed. beth gets in a fight with the fugitive's boyfriend, making her listen to the fact she could end up in jail if she doesn't help.


After several failed tips and Garry Boy incidents, Leo's girlfriend finally admits the man is hiding in her garage and the team confronts him. Beth hilariously celebrates taking the man down saying "bye bitch" to him as he was driven away in an ambulance.

The Dog's Most Wanted season finale will air Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.