Beth Chapman's Daughter Cecily Posts Emotional Video Tribute Featuring 'Dreaming of You' Song

As one would imagine, Cecily Chapman is still mourning the death of her mother, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted star Beth Chapman. Beth died as a result of cancer on June 26, and her family has been paying tribute ever since. Cecily, 26, is the latest to make a solemn tribute to the Chapman family matriarch.

As InTouch Weekly spotted, Chapman uploaded a clip of a burning candle to her Instagram Story earlier this week. The moment was soundtracked by Selena’s “Dreaming of You,” which has some poignant lyrics that ore than likely resonates with Chapman's feelings about her mother.

Some of the lyircs include: “Late at night when all the world is sleeping / I stay up and think of you / And I wish on a star/ That somewhere you are thinking of me too" and "‘Cause I’m dreaming of you tonight / ‘Til tomorrow, I’ll be holding you tight / And there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be / Than here in my room dreaming about you and me."

Speaking of dreams, Chapman had recently referenced hopes to have flashes of Beth in her dreams in a recent Instagram caption.

"I wait patiently for you to visit me in my dreams, haven’t seen you yet," Chapman wrote. I wake up every morning thinking it’s still not real. People say I was your rock but you were mine we did everything together. I still can’t see my life without you in it!"

The Chapman family has been doing everything they can to properly memorialize and mourn the loss of Beth since she passed. This included two memorial services (one in Hawaii and one in Colorado) and spreading some of her ashes.


"Well, I've never done ashes in my life," Beth's widower Duane "Dog" Chapman told Entertainment Tonight. "And that's what she wanted. And then she wants me to do it and put the same thing, guess put it on the fireplace or something, so, this is the most morbid stuff. ... When I was a little boy, all the Christians [said] you can't get burned because then you won't rise from the grave with Jesus. And then I said, 'Honey, you know, what about that?' She goes, 'It's from ashes to ashes to dust to dust.'"

He added, "Well, she said scatter some, leave some on the fireplace, of course when I go to heaven, she wants me in the box with her."