'Bering Sea Gold': Kris Kelly Holds up His End of a Dangerous Deal in Exclusive Preview

The time has come for Kris Kelly to hold up his end of a deal he made with the Au Grabber, but it comes with some dangerous stakes. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Friday's all-new episode of Bering Sea Gold, Kelly has to take his diving skills into a seriously precarious situation to patch up a hole in the dark waters of the Bering Sea as the Grabber takes on water.

The Reaper miners are shocked to see that the Grabber is sinking when the crew waves over their ship to enlist Kris for a high-stakes repair. "I made a deal with the Au Grabber, and I've gotta take care of my part of the deal," he tells the camera. "I've gotta make this work. I just really don't want to wind up at the bottom of the Bering Sea. ...I've gotta do whatever they need me to do. I've got no choice in this."

Kris has to dive under the Grabber to apply a coat of a Play-Doh-like putty to the hole in order to keep the water from flooding the vessel, but he admits he's never quite used that compound to repair anything underwater. "I really have no idea if I can do this," he tells the camera. "I've done drywall, but I've never done anything like this. They're really two different worlds. I'm gonna be underneath the water upside-down and I've never used this Play-Doh before."

With a warning to be careful from dad Brad Kelly, Kris worries he'll get "pinched" between the wall and the underside of the boat before making his descent. Once he gets underwater, things get even more dodgy, with Kris telling his dad from underwater, "I can't tell where the hell I am right now!" Trying to find the rope that will allow him to pull himself under the boat, Kris gropes around blindly for the hole he needs to patch.

"You okay? It's pretty dangerous right now because he's right next to the wall and underneath the boat," Brad notes. Below the water, Kris adds, "It's very hard to see. This is dangerous." Will Kris be able to hold up his end of the deal while also staying safe? Bering Sea Gold airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery. For more from PopCulture on all the Discovery Channel's latest shows, click here.