'Basketball Wives' Star Gloria Govan's Ex Reportedly Seeking Full Custody After Her Arrest

Matt Barnes, the ex-husband of Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan, is seeking full custody of the couple's children after Govan was arrested recently on charges of felony child endangerment.

Govan was arrested on Aug. 31 after picking her sons up from school despite the fact that Barnes had custody over the Labor Day weekend, TMZ reports.

Barnes and Govan, who split in 2014 after nearly two years of marriage, are parents to 9-year-old twin boys Carter and Isiaiah.

Govan reportedly had her children in the car when Barnes arrived and told the boys to get into his car, after which Govan "flew into a rage." She reportedly followed Barnes' car and began "screaming and cussing" before blocking Barnes' car with the boys inside.

Someone then called 911 and Govan was arrested for child endangerment and also violating a court order. She was released after posting $100,000 bail.

The Blast reports that Barnes is now reportedly planning on seeking full custody of his sons, though Govan is reportedly preparing to fight the request.

Sources say Barnes plans to file an emergency motion on Wednesday in Los Angeles asking for full legal and physical custody of the twins and wants Govan to be given a no-contact order and ordered to stay 100 yards away from him, the twins and their school. If Govan does receive visitation, Barnes reportedly wants a court-appointed monitor present.

Other sources say Govan is planning to fight the motion and has hired attorney Mark Gross.

Govan is currently engaged to NBA player Derek Fisher, who previously played with Barnes on the Los Angeles Lakers. Things between the two athletes are now strained and Barnes recently filed documents asking for a text message between himself and Fisher not to be used as evidence in another suit he had filed against Govan.

The Blast reports that Barnes accused Govan of stealing over $300,000 from him during their marriage and forging his signature to purchase a home for her parents. Govan countersued her ex for defamation.

"Listen.. I'm not sure how much she's told you," the text message from Barnes to fisher reads. "But she's mad at me cause I found out she stole nearly a million dollars forged my signature & stole my ss# to get her parent a night club & the house they live in.. Since we've been going to court over that situation she's been holding that hate & frustration for me against my boys."


Barnes is arguing that the message was private and should not be considered in his grievance against his ex-wife.

Photo Credit: Getty / JC Olivera