'Bar Rescue': Inexperienced Bar Owner Pleads for Jon Taffer's Help After Losing His Father in Sneak Peek Clip

Jon Taffer is answering yet another call for help. In a first look at the new episode of Bar Rescue, scheduled to air Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network, Taffer ventures to Confetti's Bar & Grill after receiving a call from owner Scott Cohen. With the bar only having only about six months of life left, will Taffer be able to save it before the doors at Confetti's close for good?

In the new episode, Confetti's is on the brink of closure, but Cohen is determined to save it to prove he "can succeed in life and provide" for his family. But Cohen's journey to ownership hasn't been easy. After being diagnosed with a "debilitating" severe autoimmune disorder that left him "bedridden for about a decade," Cohen set his sights on Confetti's Bar & Grille, seeing it as his "opportunity to not just catch up in life, but to try to get ahead." However, unemployed and lacking savings, ownership was nothing but a dream without the help of his father.

"My father at the time thought I was crazy. He knows that bars and restaurants have a high failure rate, and he tried to convince me to do something else, but I was stubborn and adamant that this was what I wanted," Cohen says in the clip. "Eventually, he relented and he helped me with it. He battled prostate cancer for eight years. My father's life insurance expired six months before he passed, so he had taken a small portion of it out early to help me buy this place. My father passed a couple years ago, and I just want my dad to be proud of what I've done. That's really important to me."

Described as a bar where guests can "pretty much do whatever you want," Confetti's has just about everything, including poker, pool, and karaoke. While Confetti's started out strong, though, "inexperienced Scott was more focused on the social aspects of owning a bar than learning how to run it." Now, Confetti's is running out of time.

Saving Confetti's won't be an easy feat, though. Poor management and what the bar's managers dub as "absentee ownership" has resulted in Confetti's losing approximately $4,000 per month and has put the bar $75,000 in debt. With Cohen estimating that his bar only has about six months left before he is forced to close, he reaches out to Taffer for help. Fans can see if Taffer is able to save Confetti's when a new episode of Bar Rescue airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.