'Bar Rescue': Chrissy Teigen Throws Shade at Show's Subjects

If you've ever watched an episode of Bar Rescue, you know how the typical scenarios work out. [...]

If you've ever watched an episode of Bar Rescue, you know how the typical scenarios work out. These bars are in trouble financially, they need to clean up their act, so they call in Jon Taffer and his professional experience to whip the staff into shape.

Money is spent, updates are made, and in the end the bars either take Taffer's tips to heart for success or they go on to fail miserably. There are some tough stories after the cameras shut off, but the show typically follows that general scheme.

That's why it's funny when Chrissy Teigen (unofficial Queen of Twitter) takes an interest in Bar Rescue and questions why exactly these bar owners are in need of help.

"I don't understand why some of the bar owners on Bar Rescue need someone to come in and tell them to maybe not serve raw chicken ice cream and probably stop letting cockroaches sleep in the alcohol bottles," The former model wrote.

She then followed it up by playing around with the scenario, pretending to be a bar owner and saying, "you're right. the raw chicken ice cream......does not sell well."

Fans chimed in soon after with their own observations, including the shouting nature of Taffer throughout the series.

One fan thought it was interesting when "they're like, 'damn you right. We haven't cleaned this freezer in 2 years. My bad."

Another loved how people "act so surprised to see all the bugs. Knowing they clean the bottles out yearly [laugh out loud].

"The better part is when they make a case for why they should sell something like that," a third mentioned in response to Teigen's tweet.

As it turns out, Teigen appears to have a very funny, very slim connection to the reality series. She tweeted about it back in 2014 and mentioned that she had some desires to maybe appear.

"Bar Rescue says bars basically only want female patrons 21 - 28 hahhahaha I'm f--ed," Teigen wrote at the time. While it's not likely that she was desperate to appear on the Spike TV series at the time, it is a funny thought if you need to brighten up.

Bar Rescue premiered on Spike back in 2011 and currently airs on Paramount Network starting with its sixth season. 2018 saw the show film a special episode in Puerto Rico involving a "rescue" for a bar and community affected by Hurricane Maria.

Bar Rescue: Operation Puerto Rico also featured Taffer called in Mark Cuban, J.J. Barea, actor Luis Guzman, former New York Yankee player Bernie Williams, reality star Bethenny Frankel and Chef Jose Enrique to help rebuild a baseball field and basketball in the area.