'Bachelorette' Alum Wells Adams Fires Back at 'Bobby Bones Show' After Comments About Relationship With Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams is clapping back at his former co-workers Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Amy Brown after they made comments about his relationship with actress Sarah Hyland.

The Bachelorette alum addressed comments made on The Bobby Bones Show implying Adams was benefiting from his relationship with the Modern Family actress financially, telling My Favorite Things co-host Brandi Cyrus in Thursday's episode, "I worked at the same building as Bobby Bones. I worked for the same company. … We had worked in the same market for years before I went on The Bachelorette. We had never met."

He then played a clip from Bones' morning show, saying it was his "biggest pet peeve" when people assume Hyland "pays for everything."

"You know was I was seeing this morning on the gossip sites, is that Sarah Hyland, the girl from Modern Family, who is dating Wells Adams, who used to work here, that they may be getting married, did you see that?" Bones said in the clip.

"[He] moved into [Hyland's] house," Lunchbox responded. "He probably had a little one bedroom apartment here in Nashville and now he's living with in a mansion with a multimillionaire," adding that Adams "works out of [Hyland's] house."

In addition to the offensive implications of the dig, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender pointed out that he owned a house in Nashville, and only has a studio in his shared house with Hyland due to his ongoing podcast.

He also addressed Lunchbox's comment that Hyland would be "buying the ring," to which Bones responded, "You don't know that."

"The 'he's going to use her money to buy the ring,' besides for the fact that it's kind of mean, what's funny to me is it's all about money for them," Adams explained on his podcast. "It had to be, like, the apartment that I lived in, not the house that I owned. Oh, don't forget it's her house … yeah they live together, but it's her house. … We're supposed to be co-workers and friends."

He continued, "Can I got on the record right here? I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account. I guess the thing that, like, grinds my gears the most about is anytime I seen anyone from that show, they're so nice to me. They're so nice to my face. Like if you're going to be a dick, be a dick all the time."

The couple, who has been dating since 2017, has been inseparable from almost day one, with Adams helping The Wedding Year actress through her second kidney transplant.

Adams told Us Weekly this month that he and Hyland would "definitely" get married one day, adding that he has "gotta get the ring."


"Everyone thinks [Sarah and I are] engaged right now. … We are not engaged, let me just say that," the radio personality said. "We just moved in together, so I think we're still kind of, like, feeling each other out, but… it's gonna happen eventually."

Photo credit: Instagram/Wells Adams