'Bachelor in Paradise' Reveals Aftermath of That Crazy Fist Fight

After seemingly weeks of hype, fans of Bachelor in Paradise finally saw the aftermath of the island fight. Some thought the incident was set to play out during last week’s episode but there was one more cliffhanger to go before things heated up. The wait wound up being well worth it for fans of the show.

The last scene from the previous episode saw Christian Estrada lunge at Jordan Kimball after Kimball decided to intervene a moment between Christian and Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

The tension began as soon as Christian made his entrance onto the island and immediately found an interest in Nicole. The only problem, though, was Nicole had developed a pretty steady relationship with former NFL player, Clay Harbor. Christian picked Nicole to go on his date, much to the chagrin of Harbor.

Clay got out of his shell and wound up confronting Christian a few minutes before the incident with Jordan. Clay and Christian exchanged some words and that was that until Jordan decided to make a stand for his friend, eventually knocking down the piñata Christian had hung as part of a plan he had for Nicole.

"I didn't go in there with the intent on that happening," Jordan told the crew along with host Chris Harrison following the altercation.

Harrison then called the group together to make a surprising appearance. He delivered the news that both Jordan and Christian were removed from the game.

"We have a zero tolerance policy. We stand behind that, period. That's not what Paradise is about... and so, we have sent both Jordan and Christian home."


The fight, to no surprise, set off a whirlwind of reactions on social media.

The episode also packed another punch, this time coming in the metaphorical sense as fan-favorite Hannah Brown, fresh off her Bachelorette season, returned to the series to make a surprise appearance.