'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Chad Johnson Explodes and Shades Almost the Entire Bachelor Nation

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Chad Johnson isn't holding back on Twitter, aggressively calling several other alums out. Johnson appeared on the twelfth season of The Bachelorette when competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart. Fans will remember his short temper during that season, which eventually led to his elimination. Now, Johnson is showing his true colors again, except this time, on Twitter.

It's unclear on why he popped off on the social media platform, attacking former current and former contestants, but a conversation he chimed in on may have been the starting point. Johnson joined an online discourse regarding Blake Horstmann's complicated love triangle between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman. Bachelor alum Nick Viall chimed in on Horstmann's romance and so did Johnson.

"So nick vile says that Blake releasing texts was 'premeditated'. No s—t. It's called thinking. Sociopath caelynn made up lies to create a victim storyline," he wrote in a tweet. "Blake had no choice but to show texts. The Botox & fillers have melted both nick and caelynn's brains."

That's just to start. Since pushing that out on the public platform Aug. 15, he's continued to slam other stars.

"Just want to take a moment to remind people that Daniel Maguire is the real reason I was kicked off Bachelor in Paradise," the 31-year-old wrote. "Daniel was riding my coattails, he destroyed those coattails, and now he's gone on to do jack s— with his life. Suck it Daniel you dumb maple syrup slut."

He even addressed the time he allegedly called Sarah Herron a "one-armed b—" blaming it on the editors and producers of the popular reality series.

"I recently learned that I never called Sarah and 'one arm B,'" he said on Twitter. "The audio was cut, spliced, and edited together from multiple conversations. I apologized for 3 years for something I never even did. Beyond f—ed up."

Dean Michael Unglert replied to that tweet with, "Congrats on being a trash human," which didn't go over well with Johnson. He replied to Unglert, saying, "Congrats on living in a f—in' van."


That's when Johnson took it a step further to defend himself by posting a text conversation between him and Herron.

Johnson continued to attack other people like Ben Higgins, Jenny Delaney, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham.