'Bachelor' Couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Star in Their First Music Video Together for Country Singer Adam Doleac (Exclusive)

Country music artist Adam Doleac's new music video for his song "Famous" just released today and Bachelor couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are the faces of it. The famous pair were thrown into the spotlight just under a year ago after the former NFL player was chosen as the Bachelor. Fans will remember Colton walked away from two other women, Hannah G. and Tayshia, when picking Randolph as his new beau. Following the 23rd season of the popular reality series, the couple hasn't slowed down since and are now starring in their first music video together for Doleac.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com expressing their excitement for the monumental release, Underwood, Randolph and Doleac shared details behind the shoot and all the fun the three had filming the music video.

"It was honestly such a great time and it's the first music video that I think both of us ever really were ever in, and it was such a fun experience," Randolph explained to PopCulture.com.

With lyrics like, "Girl you look famous, like South Beach or Vegas, all up in the paper, in the supermarket aisle, that dress on you I swear, I know you from somewhere, gotta know what your name is, cause God you look famous when you smile," Underwood shared how the lyrics were fitting with he and Randolph's relationship.

"I think it was just very fitting all the way around," the reality star explained. "It was so cool for us to be involved. I can't thank [the team] enough," he said. "I think, especially with music, Cass and I really love listening to great lyrics, and there's just something about the song that really fit not only our relationship but what we were going through at the time with being two completely normal people who sort of enjoy the simplicity of life, but then also being thrusted into the spotlight after the show and sort of adjusting to all of that. It was so much fun to work on."

It wasn't by accident though that both Underwood and Randolph were chosen for the key roles. It all started because they were genuine fans of the song, with Doleac adding how he was fans of the Bachelor pairing thanks to social media.

"So, when you're putting music out, you're trying to keep an eye on Instagram [to] find out whoever's liking it or posting about it," Doleac said. "Colton and Cassie were the first people, the first famous people that had posted about 'Famous' after I put it out."

Randolph explained that she and her man were on their way to Aspen when they posted about the track online, never expecting anything to come of it. "When we were posting about it, we were on our way up to Aspen and it's funny because we don't even, I didn't even think about it," she explained. "We were just really excited to have a catchy new song — country song — to listen to and we're so excited that we got to film the music video together with Adam."

Doleac explained that the inspiration for his new song, quickly growing among fans, all started with his girlfriend.


"My brother Alex was in town one weekend and my girlfriend, her name is McKinnon, she is kind of a tomboy type and wears a lot of workout clothes and doesn't get that dressed up that often, so we don't get to see her like that a lot, and my brother never does," Doleac explained. "He was in town and we were taking him out to eat and we're going to a nice restaurant, but she came walking down the stairs... all dressed up and had this kind of big puffy jacket on and that's a lot more than she usually wears. My brother turns around and he goes, 'Dang, you look famous tonight.'"

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