Andy Cohen Issues Statement After Being Accused of Sexual Harassment by Brandi Glanville

Cohen apologizes for his actions.

Andy Cohen responded to Brandi Glanville's recent allegations of sexual harassment. "The video shows Kate Chastain and I very clearly joking to Brandi. It was absolutely meant in jest, and Brandi's response clearly communicated she was in on the joke," Cohen, 55, wrote via X on Feb. 22. "That said, it was totally inappropriate and I apologize."

Cohen is referring to a video he allegedly sent Glanville, 51, in 2022, in which the former member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stated that Cohen appeared drunk, according to a letter from Glanville's legal team sent to NBCUniversal, Shed Media and Shed's parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, per Variety.

It was alleged in the letter that the Watch What Happens Live host wanted Glanville to "sleep with another Bravo star" while "thinking" of her. According to the letter, Cohen invited Glanville to watch him engage in sex over FaceTime. The other reality star's identity was not disclosed.

As Cohen was her boss at the time, in the note, Glanville also felt "trapped" and "disgusted" by Cohen's abuse of power, according to Variety. Glanville's accusations against Cohen come almost one month following Caroline Manzo's lawsuit against Bravo for an alleged incident with Glanville. The women filmed a season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco in 2023, but it has not yet aired due to the allegations.

Among the court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Manzo claimed Bravo would regularly push the stars to drink alcohol so that they would "become severely intoxicated, and then direct, encourage and/or allow them to sexually harass other cast members because that is for good ratings."

It was reported in January 2023 that during the filming of the Housewives spinoff, Glanville allegedly kissed Manzo multiple times without Manzo's consent, resulting in the pair leaving early. Glanville did not attend the mandatory sexual harassment class for the cast and allegedly did not experience any consequences for her actions, according to the documents.

Manzo and Glanville's alleged encounter was also detailed in the filing. "Glanville proceeded to kiss Manzo with a closed mouth. Glanville then kissed Manzo again. Manzo was very uncomfortable," the docs stated. "Glanville then proceeded to mount Manzo on the couch holding Manzo down with her body, forcibly squeezed Manzo's cheeks together and thrust her tongue in Manzo's mouth, while humping her."

Despite being mentioned in the lawsuit, Glanville is not named as a defendant. Glanville declared her innocence in a series of tweets posted on December 2023.