Amy Roloff’s New Photo Has Fans Wondering What Is Wrong With Her Boyfriend

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff recently posted a photo online that has some fans wondering what is wrong with her boyfriend.

(Photo: Amy Roloff / Facebook)

The photo in question features Roloff, her boyfriend Chris, and some friends hanging out on St. Patrick's Day, as reported by Cafe Mom.

Roloff appears to have since deleted the post, but before she did, the fact that her boyfriend Chris was not wearing green in the photo really irritated a lot of her followers.

"Cute picture. But why doesn't Chris show some green?" one fan asked. "What the hells wrong with him??" another commented.

The comments reportedly spiraled into people saying they wish Chris "would just get lost somewhere" and that Roloff is causing "problems" in her family, which maybe the reason why she deleted the post.

While people are attacking Roloff on social media, her ex-husband Matt Roloff seems to be doing all right. The net worth of Little People, Big World patriarch was recently revealed and the amount may surprise you.

According to In Touch, Matt is worth an estimated $4.5 million. Notably, he didn't get that money just from his reality TV career, as he is also an accomplished computer programmer as well.

His hefty worth has some people accusing his new girlfriend Caryn Chandler of being a "gold digger." On social media, one fan of Matt's said, "She is only a gold digger. You need to wake [up], Matt," while another fired off, "She is a money grabber! Tramp not worth being with."

Interestingly, an online report from 2017 indicated that Roloff also has a net worth estimated to be around $4.5 million.

While they have had their fair share of issues, the former couple made a rare public appearance together earlier this year and it sent their fans into a frenzy.

In a Facebook post shared by Matt in January, and reported on by Cafe Mom, the former spouses were seen spending time together with their grandkids. "Amy and I putting the grad-babies in front and center at Jacobs 21st birthday party night," Matt wrote in a caption on his post.

Fans were happily stunned to see the couple together, with one person writing, "Love seeing family come together and make beautiful memories.Love this picture of the grandparents with their grandchildren."

"I just love this picture of the grandparents holding there grand babies. The Roloff's are a beautiful family God Bless you all! And Happy 21st Birthday Jacob," another thrilled fan commented.


One follower said that "it's nice to see a family come together for the children and put their differences aside," before adding, "God Bless you all. Beautiful grand babies. Happy Birthday Jacob!"