Amy Roloff's Holiday Photo With Boyfriend Stirs Unexpected Controversy

When Amy Roloff tries to spread holiday cheer, fans can't help but stir up a hot cup of drama.

The Little People, Big World matriarch shared a holiday photo with friends and boyfriend Chris Marek on Monday, along with some inspiring words about the season.

"What a great week bf Christmas week with getting together w/ good friends!" the mom of four wrote in a Facebook post. "This time of year reminds me What is beautiful about life - the gift God gave to us in Jesus, moments w/ friends, people you love, family, gathering around the table sharing, making moments to remember."

In response, some fans wished the reality personality a Merry Christmas and happy time with loved ones, but others weren't so jolly in their replies to the holiday post.

Skeptical followers warned Roloff to beware of Marek's "red flags" and potentially hurtful motives.

"Amy, Chris nearly blocked your head out! Your[sic] in love… but doubt he is! More in love with himself and the show!" one concerned fan wrote. "Please Amy watch for the red flags! Don't want to see you get hurt!"

Others shared in the concern, adding, "Still not sure about Chris' motives! Be carful," and "God get rid of Chris something isn't right about him."

Roloff and Marek have been dating since summer 2016 following her divorce from long-time husband Matt Roloff.

Other critics slammed Roloff's friends, who may also be after the reality mom's fame, as well as Roloff herself.

"She, smiles with a group of FAKE friends! She, lives a life of fake dreams! She thinks she has done nothing wrong to no one. What a delusional person she is," one hater ranted. "Left the old short man for a tall homeless unemployed tall ugly man… split after she took all of his money and property."


Despite the shame on Roloff's post, she'll likely continue to post about her traditional family gatherings throughout the holiday season.

Photo credit: Instagram / @amyjroloff