Amy Duggar Sends Support to Derick Dillard for 'Shedding Some Light' on 'Counting On'

While Derick Dillard has always been vocal about his issues with the behind-the-scenes drama of Counting On, it turns out he may have an ally in Amy Duggar. Last week, InTouch Weekly noticed that Duggar sent a tweet that was supportive of her cousin-in-law. Specifically, she was grateful for him "shedding some light" on what she called some "very grey areas" in regards to the TLC reality series.

Dillard has been a noted critic of family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, as well as how TLC has handled the business side of 19 and Counting, as well as its many spinoffs.

More recently, Dillard slammed TLC by replying to a four-year-old tweet from the network about a promotional photoshoot for the reality series, claiming they attempted to force his wife into doing it.

"Notice how we were not a part of the promotional for this," Dillard tweeted last week. "They tried to force Jill to be in the promotional pic for this show, but we refused. So they just inserted other sisters from the home."

The reality show alum's criticism of both Duggar and TLC goes back several months, stemming from claims that his father-in-law was the only one with a network contract. Meaning he was the only family member who profited off their multiple series.

"I thought it was fair to ask in negotiating," Dillard wrote on social media at the time. "TLC made lots of money in filming a birth special episode, and they had not offered to pay us anything. So I thought, at the very least, they could reimburse 5-10K for medical expenses. TLC sure made more than that off of us."

Over the holidays, Dillard even revealed just how much his constant criticism online has impacted his real-life familial relationships. Specifically, he and his wife aren't allowed in the Duggar's house any longer when they're not home.


"We're not allowed in the house when [Jim Bob] isn't there," Dillard wrote. "Jill even has to ask [his] permission to go over to the house to help her sister when she was in labor because her sister wanted help, but Jill couldn't provide assistance until we got it cleared from J.B."

Back in 2017, Dillard made some transphobic remarks about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings and has not appeared on Counting On since.