Amy Duggar Slams Troll Over Claims Made in Latest Photo

Counting On star Amy Duggar King has not been shy about sharing her pregnancy journey with followers on Instagram. She posts baby bump photos and pregnancy updates often, but her most recent post had one fan accusing the 32-year-old of altering the image with Photoshop.

The photo features Duggar wearing a leopard print dress and laying in a room filled with various sized balloons and confetti.

“I can't wait to be in the cool mom club!! Last week I had the honor of being highlighted for a fun photoshoot series called ‘Be the Difference’ I loved every minute of it!" Duggar wrote in the caption. "Check out what [POSY] wrote about and what she's doing to make this world a little brighter!! She definitely adds color and spunk to my life!! What an encourager, sonic drink orderer and one of [3130 Clothing] sweetest customers!!”

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Seems totally fine and relatively normal, reality-star-Instagram-stuff, but the sunglasses she’s wearing threw one eagle-eyed commenter for a loop.

“The Photoshopped sunglasses are a little off, but otherwise super cute!,” the critic wrote. Dugger was unable to let this slide, and responded back. “They aren’t photoshopped!,” Dugger clapped back. “Even though it does look like it!”

The commenter pressed her on it further. “If they weren’t [Photoshopped] they’d have a real reflection,” the commenter pointed out.

“It’s called editing!” Dugger shot back, more or less admitting that the sunglasses were at least a little Photoshopped.

Aside from that back-and-forth, most fans seemed to love the post.

“Definitely a unique pregnancy pic! Very cool,” one wrote.

“You rock any photo shoot! Looking gorgeous!” another said.


A third person thought Duggar looked amazing, but was concerned about how she’s going to get off the ground. “What I want to know is how did you manage to get down on the ground and then back up I remember in my final days of pregnancy, once I was down, that was it. No getting back up You look amazing!!!”

This Instagram post came just one day after Duggar posted a different babybump photo and wrote that she had to go to the hospital because she was having pain. It turned out to be just early labor contractions, and everything is still completely fine with the pregnancy.