'America's Got Talent': Brad Paisley Gives Golden Buzzer to Teen Songwriter Following 'Personal' Performance

Country music star Brad Paisley stopped by Americas's Got Talent's first "Judge Cuts" episode, giving his Golden Buzzer to an unforgettable act. The talent show's latest episode saw 18 acts compete for seven spots in the competition. When it came to giving the prized spot to the live shows, Paisley gave his Golden Buzzer to 15-year-old songwriter Sophie Pecora.

"I want to see a person that has a gift to give humanity, and they're going to walk out of here and it's like "O.K. we needed that and we didn't even know it," Paisley said early in the episode.

The Judge Cuts episodes give 7 out of 18 acts the chance to move on to the live episodes, with Paisley entrusted with a golden buzzer to secure one act will move forward. Fans were quickly enamored on social media with the singer's attitude as guest judge during the episode.

Ahead of the performances, the competitions were shocked to perform for Paisley. He was particularly unimpressed with "Karaoke Guy" Andy.

"I don't know why to say except... good luck?" he said after Andy was done with his rendition of "Turn Down For What."

In a performance from an unusual magician, Paisley suggested the judges were "drunk" the first time they saw his performance.

The country singer was especially impressed with 10-year-old Dylan, who performed a cover of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble."

"When i was 10, I auditioned for something and I was terrible," he started.

"Well you showed them wrong since you won three Grammys," the little boy responded. Paisley responded saying, "I like this kid. I like this kid a lot."

Paisley even got to participate in one of the episode's most peculiar acts, given by The Sentimentalists. The performance saw all of the judges pick marbles from a box, with the female performer choosing her marble blindfolded and asking him to come to the stage. After asking him to pick a photo from his gallery. Blindfolded, she correctly said he had picked a photo of his guitar.

The act also involved Terry Crews, who was holding the key to a box that had been locked the whole time, after opening a smaller box, Brad opened it showing a fortune that correctly guessed what color marble the judges would pick and what the photo Brad picked would be.

"I don't know how they did this. You should be in Vegas and you're not going anywhere near my wallet," Paisley said after the unique performance.

After seeing a number of brilliant acts, Paisley ended up awarding his Golden Buzzer to Pecora, who delighted the judges with an original song she dubbed her "most personal" song ever. Paisley was moved to give her the big honors after her powerful song inspired by her experiences with bullying.

Ahead of the episode, Paisley spoke with PEOPLE about getting to be a guest judge on the beloved competition series.


"What's fun about the show is unlike shows that are sort of limited to just singing, that, on any given show, can run the gamut from really great to really bad," he said. "There are so many different things. How do you gauge a singer to somebody who juggles chainsaws? It’s crazy, it’s a very entertaining show in that way."

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.