'American Idol' Singer Surprises Judge Katy Perry With Pizza Delivery

What's one way to guarantee your American Idol ticket to Hollywood? Bribe the judges with some cheesy fresh pizza!

One contestant did just that during Sunday's episode of the ABC singing competition, taking advantage of judge Katy Perry's self-professed snacking addiction.

"I've got snacks under the desk, because I love to eat," Perry said, joking, "American Idol, sponsored by snacks!"

Amid a montage of the pop singer eating everything from chips to pasta while behind the judge's panel, the Teenage Dream artist gave fans a little bit of a peek into her favorite foods.

"I love to eat, I love to snack," she told the camera, adding. "I don't always eat like crap."

"I always get the children's menu at the restaurant," she added.

After Perry declared midway through a mouth full of noodles that she's "just snackin'," judge Luke Bryan asked her, "Do you eat constantly?"

"My dog's name is Nugget, she looks like a chicken nugget," Perry continued. "Cause I love chicken nuggets."

At one point, after tipping backward in her chair, Perry blamed her recent junk food binge. "I'm too heavy," she said. "I'm eating everything. I'm falling through the stage!"

So when one contestant dropped off a pizza prior to her audition, she knew she's made a good impression.

"Oh my gosh," Perry said in awe, noting the ranch dipping sauce that came with the treat. Getting up from behind the table, she walked barefoot over to her, whispering, "I love you!"

"I love you too!" the singer said.

Back at the judges' table, Bryan was breaking the cardinal rule of food sharing, telling judge Lionel Richie, "I'm double dipping by the way."

After the pizza feast, it was time to get down to business, which meant putting Perry's shapewear back on.

"I ate pizza, gotta put on my Spanx," she said, pulling out the garment from under the desk. "I can't get the Spanx up."

Richie called for assistance, joking, "Will someone come over here and help Katy?"

But Perry turned away help, running off stage to pull up the garment herself.

"I'm gonna put my Spanx on over here," she said.

Coming back on stage, Spanx up around her waist along with her ball gown, Richie jumps to help his fellow judge make herself camera ready again.

"Dear Lord," Bryan said, laughing.


"What have I gotten myself into?" Richie said, sighing, "Where is this show going?"

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.