Amber Portwood Slams 'Teen Mom OG' for Treatment of Her Mental Health Issues

Amber Portwood isn't happy with the way her mental health issues have been treated not only by the fans "bullying" her on the internet, but by the Teen Mom OG producers.

The 28-year-old pointed out what she saw as a double standard during Monday's part one of the Season 8 reunion after previously telling producers she needed to take a break from filming after experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Portwood, who has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, was subsequently diagnosed with postpartum depression following the birth of her baby with Andrew Glennon, son James, in May, and admitted in a December episode of the MTV show that she had considered killing herself following non-stop online bullying.

Co-star Catelynn Lowell knew just what she was going through, having spent time in 2017 in mental health treatment after experiencing suicidal thoughts herself following a miscarriage. She rushed to Portwood's side after hearing her friend was in trouble, revealing on Monday's reunion special, "I had to tell her that I know it doesn't feel like things are going to get better right now, and just to let her know that they do eventually. They just take time, and you have to work at it."

Lowell's support, plus that of a psychiatrist, appears to have helped Portwood get through the worst of things, and the mother-of-two revealed Monday, "I'm trying my hardest. It's because of these girls that I'm sitting on this stage right now. I just want everyone to know that."

She did have a problem with the editing of Teen Mom, however, as well as her allegedly only being able to take a week off from filming following her postpartum depression diagnosis in comparison to Lowell's month in treatment. While reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky pointed out that Portwood would be welcome to go to treatment, even encouraged, it wasn't enough of an answer for the reality personality.

"I don't feel like I get my truth out, and I feel like what people see on this show, they're obviously going to think a certain way of me," she explained, crying. "And it hurts me to my core when I have to deal with stuff from my past today, OK. I like to think I'm a strong f—ing person, and I'm bawling my eyes out, because people can't comprehend what depression is or why I stayed away from [9-year-old daughter Leah] when I was in such a bad [state]. If you can't comprehend that, that's your problem."

She concluded dramatically, "I'm done! I'm done with the show! I f—ing quit. This show is done. ...I just need some time off."


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV