Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Revealed Photo of Foot Injury Ahead of Her Alleged Arrest

Andrew Glennon shared an X-ray photo of a foot injury on Instagram, just before his girlfriend, Amber Portwood's domestic battery arrest. The Teen Mom star was taken into custody on Friday for an alleged assault, although it has not been officially confirmed that Glennon was the victim. However, his latest Instagram post had many fans worried.

Glennon posted a photo of an X-ray that seemed to show four or five screws in a human foot bone. There was a device attached to the ankle as well, with a cord running down to a needle in the bone. This led many to assume that Glennon had been pushed in such a way that he fell and broke his foot, though this turned out to be wrong, as the post went up just over a week ago.

The post itself did not mention Glennon's injury or his condition. Instead, it served as an advertisement for a specific CBD tincture. Glennon shared a photo of the product alongside his X-ray, writing that it "definitely takes the edge off painful nights."

(Photo: Instagram @andrew.glennon)

"Most helpful. Thank you @supportivenaturals! Always bringing forth the finest," Glennon wrote.

When fans began to assume that the x-ray came from Glennon's alleged altercation with Portwood, he set them straight. One fan wrote that they were praying for Glennon's recovery, and he responded.

"happened in 2004 but it is a life long recovery," he wrote. "Thank you!"

All in all, this did little to shed light on Glennon's current standing with Portwood or the details of their domestic dispute, but it probably served as an effective advertisement, as all eyes are on Glennon's posts.

Glennon sent a text to the authorities in the midst of Portwood's attack, according to a report by Radar Online. The outlet published a call between emergency dispatch and police, saying that "somebody" was afraid that "their life and their son’s life is in danger."

This matches with early reports that Portwood attacked Glennon while he was holding their 1-year-old son, James. Portwood was arrested in the incident, and according to the most recent update she was still in jail late last night.


Portwood has a long history with domestic violence, often tied to substance abuse and mental health. Portwood was arrested for attacking her ex, Gary Shirley nearly a decade ago. At the time, police discovered crack cocaine in her home. Since then, Portwood has worked hard at sobriety, and sought treatment for bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Portwood and Glennon still have yet to comment on Friday night's events.