'Alaskan Bush People' Family Unveils 'Grand Vision' for New Home in Sneak Peek

The Alaskan Bush People family is fighting to make their new home their own.

In a clip from Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery reality show, the Browns continue to settle into their new home in the Washington wilderness, chopping lumber, hunting and coming up with creative solutions to their problems as they rebuild a new version of Browntown far from their Alaskan home.

"Born and raised in the Alaskan bush, the Brown family of nine has resettled in the mountains of the northwest," the narrator teases. "But the fight to live outside society is harder than ever. this is the life they chose."

He continues, "As the wolf pack begins to plant new roots on their rugged mountain paradise, father Billy unveils his grand vision for the future."

"It's wide open guys — it's what we build," Billy tells his family. "You know, imagination's gonna be the only thing to slow us down now."

And with one brother still on his way to Washington, the narrator explains "the family must fight to reclaim their life in the wild."

In Sunday's Season 8 premiere of the hit Discovery show, the Browns were happy to leave California behind after spending time near Los Angeles while mom Ami underwent treatment for the cancer that nearly took her life. But after being declared cancer-free, the family was itching to get away from the big city and back into the wild.

"It's just this feeling, like we came from California and everything there was so not our lifestyle," son Gabe explained. "That it really took a toll on everybody. It's all that down, bummed out feeling just kind of flew away."

And while the family's large tract of land was far from the hustle and bustle of L.A., the Browns still had a lot to get used to in Washington, they told PEOPLE ahead of the premiere.

"I can hardly stand the heat," Bear said. "And then to have to constantly watch the ground for snakes – that's a big adjustment from Alaska."

Ami was happy to be back in tune with nature, however, as she regains her strength from her cancer battle.

"To be out of the city and in the mountains is a blessing in itself and being given second chance is great," Ami said, admitting she feels "better than I have in a lot of years, but I still don't have all my strength back yet."

But how will the Browns make Washington home?


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Photo credit: Discovery