'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rainy Brown Gets 18th Birthday Surprise From Brothers

Alaskan Bush People star, Rainy Brown officially became an adult on Monday, turning 18 years old. [...]

Alaskan Bush People star, Rainy Brown officially became an adult on Monday, turning 18 years old. Rainy's brothers showered her with love on social media for the occasion, and also revealed a special surprise for her in person. Bear Brown shared a photo of the special moment on Instagram, though his account is currently private. (The photo has since been shared by a fan page.)

Bear shared a candid selfie of the Brown siblings on Rainy's birthday, where Gabriel held up a single birthday candle for Rainy. She wore a genuine smile — a welcome sight for Alaskan Bush People fans, who know that Rainy of prone to bouts of melancholy. Bear wrote: "I'd like to wish my youngest sister a very Happy Birthday! Today she turns 18! It seems like just yesterday she was born! It's been an honor getting to watch her grow into the woman she is today! Happy Birthday little sister!!!"

Fans commented with their own birthday wishes for Rainy, and teasing messages for her older brothers. One wrote: "Happy birthday beautiful Rain feel like we watched you grow up on the show your mom and dad are blessed having great kids," while another wrote: "Happy Birthday Rain!!! Gabie it's time for a shave, you can't be kissing that beautiful Sophie with them whiskers!"

Rainy broke a prolonged social media hiatus to thank fans for the birthday wishes this week. She posted a photo of a cloudy, sunlit skyline beyond an empty road, writing: "Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Truly was a very special day. God bless."

"I'm glad you had a nice birthday! I wish you all the best and many beautiful moments," one fan replied. Another wrote: "Happy Birthday Honey Bunny. Hope it was filled with love and blessings."

Like the rest of the Brown family, Rainy has been struggling since the family homestead was destroyed in a wildfire. The west coast has been ravaged by fires over the last few years, and this one finally reached the family's rural getaway in Washington state, according to a report by The Blast. Rainy addressed the loss on Instagram in September, then took nearly three months away from the platform.

Still, there is plenty for the Alaskan Bush People family to be happy about, including the addition of new family members. Bear Brown and his wife have welcomed their son, River, and fans are excited to see how he fits into the family's unique lifestyle.