‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Reveals New Hair Color in Quarantine Selfie

Alaskan Bush People's Rain Brown is rocking a colorful new look! The 17-year-old Discovery star showed off her newly-dyed pink hair in a selfie with pup Jackson Sunday from North Star Ranch amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Quarantine vibes," she captioned the cute new pic, tagging her dog's Instagram account and hashtagging "stay happy" and "stay strong."

Last week, Brown offered up some words of encouragement to her followers in these difficult times. "These days may be full of uncertainty, but don't doubt God's love," she wrote. "These days may be full of disease, but don't forget things have to get a little worse before they get better. Lord please guide doctors hands, cleanse this earth, and keep us all in your warm embrace, in Jesus name amen. God bless you all. Stay home, and stay safe."

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The youngest Alaskan Bush People sibling has been open about her own journey with anxiety and depression over the years, admitting last year on Instagram that she was struggling with the family's move to Washington after mom Ami's cancer battle. "This season has been very challenging adjusting to the new life our Wolfpack has had to live," she said in August, "but together we can get through anything and come out the other side stronger as a family!"

Brown has also taken to social media to slam claims her family's reality show is "fake" or scripted. "People love to impersonate us, and people love to say the thing that I've worked my tail off for almost eight years for is fake," she said during an Instagram session in March 2019, "and honestly, it's really annoying. Because when you're out there and if you're living that life, and you used to live that life and people are like, 'That was fake, that is fake, you never did that,' it's like, but I did!"


"So it's not fake, it's just filmed and broadcasted on TV," she continued, adding if there were parts that had been faked for the camera, she would let her followers know. "So it can't be life, you know, it's not the news; it's not a live show. It's a TV show. So whatever you think of that, that's how it it."