'Alaskan Bush People' Son Matt Brown Shares New Seaside Photos After Rehab Stay

Matt Brown is relaxing by the sea following the completion of his rehab stay for alcohol abuse.

The Alaskan Bush People star, who completed his nearly six-month-long treatment in January, took to Instagram on Thursday, Jan. 31 to update fans on his post-rehab life, revealing that he is getting some much needed rest and relaxation.

“Sometimes you just need the sea... So beautiful :),” he captioned a gallery of images showing himself on the beach.

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Sometimes you just need the sea... So beautiful :)

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Brown had entered rehab in September of 2018 following a series of “ups and downs.” The stay marked his second stint in rehab, the Discovery Channel star having initially sought treatment in 2016. He explained that his struggle with addiction began after he started spending more time in the city of Juneau, where he began “hanging out with people who drank.”

Although his drinking started out light, “it got to be more and more,” causing him to become “more withdrawn,” slower, and causing things not to excite him “the way they used to.” He entered an in-patient rehab center for 35 days after he “could see myself spiraling.”

“I learned a lot about myself in those 35 days. I’ve turned my weakness into a strength,” he said. “In life, we all get lost every now and then and have to find our way back. Not everyone makes it back, and I’m happy to be one of those who did.”

Now, out of rehab for the second time and living in the “real world” for upwards of a month, Brown is celebrating his victory and thanking fans for their continued support along the difficult journey.

“I just want to let y'all know that today I completed the final day of my treatment," Brown updated fans in a video in January. “I have been in treatment for five and a half months, pushing six on the 14th."

“That right there, that's my coin,” he continued, holding up a gold coin. “It says, 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.'"


“[I] couldn't have done it without y'all's love and support," he added. “I want to thank y'all for allowing me to a part of your adventure. God bless you."

Brown’s struggle with addiction, including his most recent rehab stay, is expected to play out in Alaskan Bush People Season 9, which will return to Discovery later this year.