'Alaskan Bush People' Finale Preview Promises Health Updates, Wildfires and a Wedding

It seems like just yesterday the Alaskan Bush People were settling into their new Washington home, [...]

It seems like just yesterday the Alaskan Bush People were settling into their new Washington home, but in Sunday's season finale, they'll have to give their all to save it from natural disaster.

In a clip from Sunday's two-hour season 8 finale, the Discovery reality series family is heartbroken looking at devastating wildfires destroy acres of their new home, with Matt Brown lamenting, "We've had floods, we've had road issues and now fire."

"The fire seems very serious," brother Gabe agrees.

Even just the smoke appears to be choking out the family as they fear the fire will destroy all the hard work they've put into building their family's new bar.

"I've never seen that much smoke," sister Snowbird marvels. "The fires are just that close."

The family has more than the fire to worry about. Mom Ami, dad Billy and brother Bear return from their trip to Los Angeles, where Ami was undergoing important tests to determine if her cancer truly was in remission.

"How'd it go?" Matt asks nervously in the clip, to which Billy responds, "We finally got all the results in. Everything's uh..."

And while there might be plenty of nerves to go around in the Brown family, not all of them are negative. Sunday's finale will also show brother Noah Brown's nuptials to wife Rhain, making him the first of the Brown children to wed.

The couple wed in an intimate Idaho ceremony, that, despite his feuding with his family, was attended by the Brown side of the family.

"We are so excited to start our new life together as husband and wife and we look forward to building new memories as our own family," the couple told PEOPLE in August after the big day. "God bless everyone for all of the love and support."

"I tried on a tux for the first time ever. That was weird," Gabe told the magazine on the morning of the ceremony.

"It's been so hectic and crazy because we've had to go get these fancy clothes we haven't had time to think about it today," dad Billy said of the ceremony.

Rhain and Noah wed on the two-year anniversary of their meeting in Hoonah, Alaska, where they ran into each other while traveling. Noah proposed to Rhain at sunset after a hike in Juneau in April 2017.

The two-hour season finale of Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday, Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery