ABC Accidentally Spoils 'Bachelor in Paradise' Ending in Its Own Promo

It's one thing for a fan or Reality Steve to spoil an entire season of The Bachelor, The [...]

It's one thing for a fan or Reality Steve to spoil an entire season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise, but for a network to be responsible for that? That's a whole different ball game. ABC accidentally spoiled the ending of Bachelor in Paradise and fans are losing it. The biggest reveal of any season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is who ends up getting engaged at the end. The network, however, already shared that secret upcoming spinoff season.

Spoilers ahead. The network accidentally ruined the season's ending of Bachelor in Paradisewho will not be hosted by Chris Harrison, instead of being replaced by Lil Jon, David Spade and Lance Bass and Tituss Burgess — via a promo for next week's episode after they showed someone, whose identity has been revealed after fans figured it out. According to Cosmopolitan, the man revealed in the screengrab is Kenny after onlookers couldn't help but notice his tattoos and gold necklace.

That's not the only edit fans are questioning. Once again, involving Kenny, on the premiere episode, a censorship square was posted in front of him as he appeared to be naked on screen. However, there's a lot of question surrounding whether he really was because some seem to believe he had a speedo on underneath. Whether the producers just didn't like the speedo or wanted the episode to feel a little more risqué is another question many are asking. Either way, he wasn't the only one to get a censorship square. Blake received one as well but not because he was naked, rather, he presented a nude painting during Katie Thurston's season.

Following that editing choice, fans felt as if the producers may have just been making a play on Kenny always being naked, considering he was naked on Clare Crawley's season. He told Extra, "I showed up naked. Well, it all started, like, back on Clare's season. We had a couple of dates where I was naked and then we just sort of went with that. That's really the only reason I was invited, I think."

While these edits have caught the attention of the fans, one edit caught the attention of a cast member. Former Bachelor contestant Victoria Paul recently called the network out after she claims her cast portrait was photoshopped. The reality personality debuted on the hit show in 2020 after trying to compete for Peter Weber's heart but has since moved on to the franchise spinoff. "What filter is this, [Bachelor in Paradise]???" she asked via Instagram. She then shared her photo compared to selfies she's taken, making it clear something was changed.