Abby Lee Miller Fuels 'Dance Moms' Return Rumors With Throwback Photo

Abby Lee Miller is remembering the good old days as rumors of a possible Dance Moms return persist.

The reality TV star, who is still in the middle of a battle with cancer, took to Instagram Saturday to remember the firs time she saw her face on the side of a bus to promote the show's second season premiere.

"When I heard I was going to be on the side of a bus... WOW! I thought of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City! I thought wrong! [Laughing out loud]!" Miller wrote on the caption of a slideshow featuring her bus ad, compared to the one from Sarah Jessica Parker's character's ad from the HBO series' opening theme.

The post left many fans wondering if the post could be an announcement that Dance Moms would be coming back in January, while others only wondered if the rumors would be confirmed.

(Photo: Instagram/Abby Lee Miller)

"Woot woot! I can't wait! Love you!" one Instagram user commented on the post.

"Is there a season 8 or not? Don't keep us in suspense [please]," another user wrote.

"This is her second post y'all... she's dropping hints," a third user speculated.

Since leaving prison earlier in 2018, Miller has been battling her Burkitt Lymphoma diagnosis and frequently updating fans on her progress. She has also dropped hints that despite the series was canceled by Lifetime, a potential eighth season may be in the works.

On May 11, Radar Online confirmed the show was officially cancelled while Miller fights cancer after being released from prison.

"Dance Moms was set to return with the mini team. It was in development, casting was under way to 'cover up' for the older girls," a source told Radar at the time. But after the 51-year-old Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, "The show was put on hold temporarily and now has been canceled completely. Dance Moms will never create another episode. The network feels as though it would be toxic to bring it back to life in another way with someone else."

In June, however, Miller teased some "amazing news" coming soon, with fans hoping she would confirm a new season of Dance Moms. Since then her updates have mostly been cryptic comments about her possible return to reality television. In July, sources Entertainment Tonight reported Miller would be coming back for the eighth season, and that casting was underway.


Dance Moms ran on Lifetime from July 2011 to October 2017. The show started in Pittsburgh before Miller moved her team to Los Angeles for the later seasons.

Photo credit: Instagram / Abby Lee Miller